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Charity with CyClean: CyClean’s COO Makes Surprise Announcement

To offer something in our possession for someone else is indeed a noble deed that isn’t easy to do. It isn’t easy to do, but giving is one of the greatest joys we as people can experience. CyClean values giving back to the community, and our COO, Mr. Cooz Komei Tokita, has come to a personal decision to donate 100% of the coins that were allocated to him. The announcement of was made at CyClean’s Korea meetup.

Mr. Cooz Komei Tokita is a 23 year-old Japanese American entrepreneur who started an Internet business when he was 14 years old. Opening his eyes to the world of business at an early age, he started numerous projects. Currently, he is the CEO of Tokita Investment Group and a member of the Swiss Crypto Valley Association. As an influential member of the international blockchain community, Mr. Tokita is an expert in blockchain technology and business. He is also currently COO of CyClean Platform and CEO of Kocostock, a Korean cryptocurrency exchange.

In an interview, Mr. Tokita said about CyClean, “CyClean puts contributing to human society as its first priority. Using a different algorithm, CyClean aims to use cryptocurrencies to improve our health and create a cleaner earth. As COO, I believe that instilling hope in those less fortunate in our society is the right thing to do. That is why I decided to donate all my tokens.” Mr. Tokita’s CyClean tokens will be used for missions and for helping those in need.

We at CyClean cannot express how proud we are of our COO for coming to this decision. We are not writing this post to boast of our kindness, but to inform our community and to inspire others.

As Mr. Conrad Hilton once wisely said, “The practice of charity will bind us – will bind all men in one great brotherhood.” The CyClean team will continue to think of our society and plan programs for charity in the future.

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