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Journeying through Japan with CyClean: A Heartwarming End to Peace Road 2018

In the weeks prior to flying over to Hokkaido to embark on the week-long adventure, the students and teachers of Truelove Peace School prepared their bodies and minds through intense workouts and studies. It can be dangerous to begin a one-thousand-kilometer plus journey without any training, so our participants devoted much time to getting accustomed to riding bicycles. They also studied blockchain technology by reading books and articles online. The students understood the technology on a basic level, but some were skeptical about the real-life use cases of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

All of their doubt evaporated when the team gathered at Cape Soya and took their first strides. Gripping the handles of their CyClean bicycles and seeing with their eyes the rising number of CyClean tokens mined, the students were intrigued. Intrigue turned into excitement, and excitement into passion. And as they rode across the region of Hokkaido, they found themselves nearing the end of Peace Road 2018.

With only a few days left, our bicyclists visited Hokkaido Korean Primary, Middle, and High School and met with the principal of the school and the school’s staff members.

Hokkaido Korean Primary, Middle, and High School was the filming site for the Korean film “Our School,” an acclaimed movie released in 2007 telling the story of this particular Korean school in Japan. This school is a Korean school founded by first generation Koreans who settled in Japan, and it is a piece of living history. The students were once again caught in a moment of reverence for their fellow Koreans who had struggled to preserve their heritage.

The principal of the school had a message for the world to see, and this message was perfectly in line with the theme of Peace Road.

The banner reads, “We congratulate you for the Inter-Korean summit.” In May, the leaders of South Korea and North Korea fulfilled the fourth summit between the two countries that have been divided since the Korean War. The meeting marked a step towards peace in the Korean peninsula, and through Peace Road, we were able to join hands with the Korean school in Hokkaido to remind the world of efforts for peace.

Finally, our team headed off for their final ride. From the Korean School in Hokkaido, the members rode past Tomako Mai and Muroran to come to Hakodate, the southern-most point of Hokkaido. Finally, the 1,250-kilometer journey was complete! The team had seen almost every corner of the region of Hokkaido, proclaiming peace along the way.

With the completion of Peace Road 2018, the members also completed the CyClean mining marathon. Mining tokens over 1,250 kilometers would make someone pretty wealthy. Their wallets would be filled with CyClean tokens. But as we’ve mentioned before, the participants from Truelove Peace School promised to donate all of the mined tokens, 100 percent, for a good cause.

Above is an image of the donation ceremony, where our cyclists are giving the tokens to a good cause. The mined tokens will be used to fund various programs at Hokkaido Korean Primary, Middle, and High School. The principal of the school was ecstatic and grateful that the high school students selflessly save when they themselves could use the money. He said that the school was grateful to Truelove Peace School and CyClean for creating this opportunity.

They made it! Our team has finally completed Peace Road 2018, with all participants coming out the other side healthy and well. It looks like our teacher on the right is the most excited!

We at CyClean spoke to the students before they left for Korea. We received many positive comments, and here’s what one student said.

“At first, I was worried that we would not be able to complete the journey. One thousand kilometers is a long distance, you know. But after our first trip from Cape Soya to Kitami, I felt good. What got me excited was the mining. Being in high school I’d only heard of cryptocurrencies but had never really experienced them. But it was really cool to see the token count rise whenever I travelled another kilometer. I thought, “Wow, I’m actually using blockchain technology.” It was a great hands-on experience, and I want to thank CyClean for giving us this learning opportunity. I think I also learned the joy of giving. It was better than keeping the coins for myself. Oh, and am I allowed to keep CyClean’s health band?”

Of course, we let him have the health band.

Finally, one of the teachers wanted to give a statement.

“It was an honor for me to attend Peace Road 2018 to get the message of peace out to the people of Japan and the rest of the world. I want to thank CyClean for this precious opportunity to explore Japan with our students. The kids really learned a lot about history and the importance of peace. We also thought it was special to fuse CyClean’s technology with this good cause. Thank you CyClean, and thank you my dear students for keeping up. We’ll see you next year at Peace Road 2019!”

Looks like CyClean will have to look into next year’s Peace Road. And thus, this is the end of our “Journeying through Japan with CyClean” series. Sponsoring and planning this event, the CyClean team’s goal was to promote peace but to also teach our youth the usefulness of blockchain technology and that coins can be used for a good cause. It seems like the students really enjoyed the week-long event and became not only smarter people, but better people by donating their earnings.

We want to express our gratitude to Truelove Peace School and everyone who helped prepare this campaign. CyClean will continue to work for the adoption of blockchain technology while remembering that we are the ones who must give back to society. Thank you.

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