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CyClean and JNU’s Athletic Competition – Let the Games Begin!

Hello guys! We are excited to present to you the highlights from CyClean and JNU Group's 2018 One Heart Athletic Competition that took place on October 2nd at KBS World Arena. CyClean and JNU Group organized the event to celebrate the JNU family’s hard work and the growth and prosperity of the company. Another main reason for why we held this competition is to promote CyClean and to have our JNU family participate in the clean energy movement with CyClean. CyClean is famous for its community events, and our athletic competition was another way to connect with the CyClean community. Regarding CyClean’s clean energy movement, we’ll find out more about it in part 3 of this series.

First, we want to show you what happened at our 2018 Athletic Competition. Hundreds of our JNU supporters gathered in the green hall of KBS to enjoy fun competition. We played different team games, ate a delicious lunch, saw wonderful performances, and participated in the raffle event. Many lucky winners took home amazing prizes. Why don’t we jump into the event right away!

The participants were divided into four teams. The teams’ names were “Love,” “Imagination,” “Inspiration,” and “Passion.”

Once they gathered on the floor, our MC, who was ridiculously funny throughout the entire event, introduced our speaker. CyClean’s founder and CEO delivered a speech to open the event, and I can tell you that the participants loved him. Then, our founder invited the CyClean foundation members to the stage.

Following the speech, we were blessed by the presence of professional cheerleaders who helped us all warm up for the athletic competition. They took the stage and taught us some stretch moves.

Once our bodies were ready, we went straight into the games. Our first game is called “Delivering Happiness.” The objective of this game is for each team to stand in a line and pass a ball over their heads. The team to pass the ball over to the end of the line and back to the front is the winner. Here’s a short clip of how the game works!

Look at them go! The competition officially started, and all the teams were eager to win first place. I didn’t think the participant would be that good, but they took everyone by surprise.

After twenty minutes of this first game, we moved on to the next competition. Now this one required two representatives of each team. One person would roll the die and one person would spin in circles in accordance with the number rolled. So if someone rolled a six, the other representative would spin six times. In a state of dizziness, the person would then toss the die onto a long cloth. The other team members would push the die to the way back of the line and push it back. Again, the team to complete this entire process first was the winner. Some of the participants were to eager to win that they fell down while spinning. I love the enthusiasm!

It was only around 11 A.M, at this time, but things were getting heated up. During our short break time, we talked to participants about how they felt on this day. Many of them were excited to meet new people and come together as a community. They were also big fans of CyClean, and when we asked them about their thoughts on CyClean, they started going on and on about why CyClean is their favorite cryptocurrency.

This lovely lady said that CyClean is different in that it prepares these kinds of events for the community. She said that routine life can get boring at times, so these competitions definitely boost morale and relieve stress. She also said she supported CyClean for its good cause. Thank you for your interview, ma’am!

In our next event, we competed to see which team could trap the most air in a giant cloth. People were frantically waving their arms to capture as much air as they could. I bet their arms are exhausted after this!

For our next event, we had the “Log Race.” Each team selected the strongest and fastest people to carry a colored log through a designated course. I didn’t know these people could run so fast! They probably got the energy to do so after training on CyClean’s IMBIKE.

The next event was my personal favorite. Each team gathered around a tower with a hole in its center. Then, each team was given a thousand balls, which they had to throw into the tower. You can see them in action here.

So much fun! While taking pictures, I picked up a few balls myself and attempted to help the green team. I failed…

After that, we talked to another participant who was loving every single moment of the event. When we asked her about how she was feeling, she said, “This is amazing. I am having a blast meeting people and the CyClean team.” When we asked her about what she knew thought about CyClean, she responded, “CyClean is a life style. CyClean promotes healthiness through athletic competitions. CyClean also promotes it in our daily lives. That’s why we love CyClean!”

With that, our morning events came to an end. The participants were hungry by this time. But before lunch, our very own founder and CEO went around the arena to engage with the crowd. They were thrilled to meet the creator of CyClean! Here he is taking pictures with his supporters.

Then we had our long awaited lunch! Lunch was bulgogi and rice, one of the most delicious Korean meals. I can tell people were most excited about lunchtime. I know I was!

And that is the end of part 1. Tomorrow we’ll see what happened in the afternoon and how the event concluded. Come back for more tomorrow!

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