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Question to Binance and Zhao (CyClean has signed contract with Binance with legal procedure)

2018 9th of August at this moment,
Although CyClean Platform has signed contract with Binance over 2 incidences, Binance did not execute the contract condition and missed the listing date, and rather called us scam that fools investor. They have called us liar and hurting our hard work products and reputations thus the CEO and founder of CyClean asks to Changpeng Zhao of Binance.

* 2018 30th of July, CyClean Platform signed on 4 trade pair listing and paid 84 BTC for listing fee and security deposit. And Binance additionally accepted 30 BTC (as CyClean tokens). That is total 114 BTC.

*2018 5th of August, CyClean Platform paid 371.5 ETH as listing fee to open early on for BNB market at 6th of August.

Questions remain in volume:

1. Binance claims that we are victim of scam, but why did Binance ignore a LOT of mails received on and said nothing until now. Why just about when Binance missed the listing date and violated the contract terms, suddenly Binance is putting up a scam scenario?

If we are really victim of scam, we have been damaged 1 Million USD because they watched and did nothing.
(It is inappropriate answer saying that you did not received email.)

2. When Korean media published listing news at 1st August, Binance Korea (Arim Jeon) has argued with the media that they did not have listing contract with CyClean. But why until this day, they were quiet and acting like this when they just missed the listing date? If we are victim of scam, then we had additional 170,000 USD damage because Binance overlooked an obvious incident

3. Articles were published even at 1st August after listing contract and 8th (yesterday) also when this incident happened.

But why is Binance countering just by rendering us as scam suddenly by personal SNS from Zhao and He Yi instead of publishing official statement from Binance itself?

If Binance has branded us liar and scammer for the good of public and protection of investors, why did they not talk to the official media about this incident? Why are you not bringing this to the reputable discussion area such as A grade media?
(If what Binance claims are true, the scammer that Binance claim (CyClean) has been damaged of 1.2 Million USD and even officially going through media, but then the victim of reputation, Binance, as you claim is hiding behind the SNS? Does this makes sense?)

Zhao said "I do not get involved in listing and I do not sign". Thus he claims listing contract with CyClean is false. But unlike what he claims, when the evidences rise to the surface, he is trying to brand us as scam. Then later when that did not work, he claim CyClaen is victim of scam. Is this a cover up on his mistake?

We did not doubt Binance's world class security from the beginning. Because our engineers are also TOP grade developer in Korea and they have reviewed the email before signing the contract, and we definitely know giving editor access in less than 1 day is only possible by either [inside work or hacking]. Then they are still claiming we are scam? What about Binance being hacked then?

Zhao and He Yi have claimed we are scam but they are engaging in hours of conversation with us. Additionally, marketing staff Jager suddenly came in and demanded materials and talk.
Although not sure about He Yi, certainly Zhao should be more than busy to talk in hours with CyClean directly in real time. Although as he claims, if Zhao was really trying to help as if we are victim of scam, why didn't he just send more employees instead of allocating his own personal hours?

Another interesting point is, Zhao and Jager never tried to check if the contract itself is real or not. As if they knew what answer and result they want. They just roseately demanded the email source and when we gave them, they said it is email from scam email sever and disconnected conversation. Why? And interestingly, right away, we were exploded on the conversation channel on which they provided. Does this so called SCAMMER has exactly matching timing with real Binance?

August 9th, 2018
CyClean Founder. David Young